Setting the LAN Server and Client Network

The division of the Internet network to go through a server computer, the server computer and the client computer also needs to be done settings in the operating system, so that the server computer and client computers can be interconnected, here I am using Windows XP as its operating system. The way to set up in Windows XP for Computer Servers, and Computer Client, please follow the instructions and pictures as I show below :

Setting the LAN Server and Client Network

Step 1.
Turn on the computer and go to "Control Panel".

Step 2.
In the Control Panel please click the "System".

Step 3.
Will appear the window "System Properties", then select the tab "Computer Name" then click change.

Step 4.
In the "Computer Name Changes" please change the computer name and workgroup name, computer name should be sorted from one another in order to make it easier to remember the names of each computer and the computer to remember the name should not be the same, while for the workgroup name was made ​​to be the same on the server computer and the client computer and then click Ok and typically the computer will restart.

Setting the LAN Server and Client network

Step 5.
Once we change the name of the computer the next step is to replace the "Network ID" by clicking the tab "Network ID".

Step 6.
When you click the Network ID tab, then click Next.

Step 7.
At first the question How do you use this computer? in the Network Identification Wizard window, select the "This computer is part of a bussiness network, and I use it to connect to other computers at work" and then click next.

Step 8.
Then the second question What kind of network do you use? choose "My company uses a network without a domain" and then click next.

Step 9.
Fill in the name of the workgroup and must match the workgroup name that we have filled in the very first change the computer name, and then click next and wait until the computer finishes identifying Network ID.

Step 10.
Once the computer has finished the identification of the Network ID, please click finish and restart your computer.

Step 11.
The next step is setting up a time/hours online, the way is double click on the clock display the bottom right corner of your desktop, then open the tab "Time Zone" and select the location where you are.

Step 12.
Then navigate to the tab "Internet Time" and click the "Update Now" Wait a moment of time synchronization process is running until it says "The time has been successfully synchronized with the time" when it says "error ..." click Update Now repeat step until the process update time successfully.

Step 13.
Up to this stage only the one server computer connected to the Internet, then the next step is to provide internet access to the client computer is to enable "Internet Connection Sharing" is owned by a server computer.

The trick is as follows:
Open the Network Connections window in the Control Panel, then right-click on our active connection to the Internet, and then click Properties.

Select the tab "Advance" option enabled "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" by ticking a small box next to the text, then click OK.

Step 14.
Having succeeded in sharing the internet connection, the connection will appear 2 pieces. So you can easily tell which connections are connected to the modem and which is connected to the switch, change the name of each of these connections.

When we open the connection properties that are connected to the switch, there is an IP address (
IP Address that later would become his Default Gateway client computer.

Step 15.
The steps that we did earlier just to provide internet access permissions on the client computer, and to activate the license we need to set up the network that we have.
The trick is as follows:
Click the "Network Setup Wizard" in Control Panel.
Then click next.

Step 16.
That in step 16 is what you need to consider, because here there are differences in the settings for the LAN server computer and the client computer network.
In the option "Select the statement that best describes this computer"
To choose the first server computer that "This computer connects directly to the Internet.The of other computer on my network connect to the Internet through this computer" and then click next.

And for the second select the Client Computer is "This computer connects to the Internet through a residential gateway or through another computer on my network" then click next.

Step 17.
Next we are asked to determine which connections would be used for a dial-up to internet, then choose the connection that is connected to the modem and then click next.
This option is not there when we did the client computer settings.

Step 18.
Fill in the computer name and the name must match the name of the computer that we created earlier, and for the computer description emptied it and then click next.

Step 19.
Fill the workgoup name, and this name must match the name of the workgroup that we created earlier and then click next.

Step 20.
Furthermore, the display file and printer sharing there is the question "What do you want to do" choose the "Turn on file and sharing" and then click next.
And then click next.

Wait a few moments until the computer has finished adjusting his new setting.

Step 21.
On the question "what do you want to do", then select "Just finish the wizard ..." and then click next.

Next came the display that reads "Completing the Network Setup Wizard" which means that the network settings have been completed and click Finish to end it, then restart your computer.

All the steps above settings apply to the computer server and client computers, and the only difference is in step 16.

Steve Buffet
Lecturer in Computer Networking
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