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If the PC is often times show an complicated, or displaying an error message, emits a continuous beep uniformly or irregularly, the PC is probably in trouble, I will provide tips and solutions to resolve the issue and PC You can serve again as usual. Problems or damage arising generally categorized in two types of damage are: Problems or damage to the Hardware and Software

This type of damage can be categorized into two categories, namely:
1. Damage to the Hardware (Hardware)
2. Damage to the Software (Software)

1. Damage to the Hardware
Problems with hardware components need to be serious because of the difficulty of handling localized and removed without the proper tools, skills and experiences that support. Explanation will revolve around the problems that often occur along with how to cope.

Damage to the Power Supply
When turned on the PC is not react to anything, there is no display on monitor, no indicator light (LED) is lit, the power supply fan is not spinning, the indicator light on the monitor is not lit.
Check whether the cable is properly connected and installed properly plug into the socket, also check that there is the on / off behind exactly behind the Power Supply is in the On position, If you are sure installed correctly but still no response to make sure you please replace the power cable with which you believe to be good. The problem occurs in the absence of incoming voltage, there is damage to the power cable.
When turned on the PC is not react to anything, there is no display on monitor, no indicator light (LED) is lit, the power supply fan is not spinning, the indicator light on the monitor.
Do it like a step above, but if there was still no response means there is a problem on the Power Supply, PS Please change it, I suggest you should just replace the faulty power supply with a new one, and be careful in the installation.
Note: If the damage is only on the Power Supply alone, When you replace it, the computer will return to work normally. Unless there is a problem in other components such as the Mother Board, VGA Card and Memory.

Damage to the Mother Board
Once turned on, no display on the monitor, the indicator light (LED) on the front panel is lit, the indicator light (LED) flashing monitors, power supply fan and processor fan spins, no beep sound at the speaker.
The first step off all power cables connected to the electrical, data cable to the monitor, keyboard cable / mouse, and all the cables connected to the CPU, then cashing out all the screw covers. In an open case please also remove other components, ie the voltage of power supply cables are connected to the motherboard, hard drive, floppy, be careful not to rush the process. So is the card attached to the Mboard (VGA, Sound Card or other). Now attached to the motherboard just cashing it. Please check carefully Motherboadnya, see Chip (IC), Elko, transistor and others if there is a fire.
If there are no signs of burnt components likely motherboard is still good, but there are times when Mother board does not work because of damage to the program contained in the BIOS
At the time the CPU is turned on and then did post after that the process does not continue and was silent for a moment does not go directly to the operating system, and then the screen is the message "disk error, disk Failur, after it appeared the message" press F1 to continou "after we pressing the F1 key does not enter operating system and the message "Operating system not found".

Damage to the hard drive
Check the tension cables and data cables into the hard drive is loose, should be tightened, then turn it on and let you listen to what came out of the normal hard drive, if not normal means damaged hard drive controller.
At the time the CPU is turned on and then did post after it appeared the message "Operating system not found".
There is the possibility of operating system is damaged, it can be overcome by installing ualng or if you are using Windows 2000/XP OS there Repairnya facilities. or possibly a hard drive is not detected and do the above
hard disk bad sector?
There are several factors that cause bad sectors among others, the voltage is unstable, often decided by a sudden flow of electricity, after pemakaina not shot down, consumption is too long, there are two kinds of bad sector physical and software ..... To overcome some ways, including using software to eliminate badsector.

Damage CD / DVD / ROM / RW & Floppy Disk
Types of damage are commonly encountered:
A. Not detected in windows
2. Not get out in CD
3. Can not read / write / can only read it. (CD)
4. Can not read / write / write protect (Floppy disk)
A. Check the data cable and voltage cable into the CD-floppy, check in bios setup if it is detected? should be set to auto. Check if the LED is lit, if not damage the controller.
2. Mechanical damage on the rubber motor or motors.
3. Usually the optical damage, but there may still be improved in a way to set the optical ualng.
4. Gross Head, can be cleaned using the Cotton Bud.

BIOS problems
Be careful in the Bios Update, as he got the wrong update your BIOS version, the PC so no way you can not even get into BIOS.
Updates usually can not be canceled, only certain type of motherboard that has a backup BIOS chip it in, there is saved the original BIOS types that can not be removed, to be able to restore your special move the Jumper position that usually have no instructions in the manuals. Then hidupka PC and wait 10 seconds, the original BIOS on Restore, restore Jumper position on the starting position, and the PC is ready to run again. If the motherboard does not have pasilitas, the BIOS chip should be sent to the manufacturer, type of BIOS you can see in the manuals. Be careful not to install the BIOS IC legs broken or inverted position.
CPU Beep sound in the speaker a few times and there is no display to the screen, when the monitor is not problematic.
Beep Beep indicates a specific error message from the BIOS, it shows what kind of sound of what went wrong on the PC, usually an error on a non-detectable Memory, VGA Card, which is not installed properly, even Processor Monitor data cable could be the cause. Please check the problem.

The following BIOS error message:
Noise errors are usually not all motherboard BIOS indicating the same error depends on the type of its BIOS.
Beep 1x: RAM / Memory not installed or Damaged Good, Beep 6x: Gate A20 Error - Indicates damaged or IC Keyboard Gate A20 of his own, 8x Beep: Graphic Card / VGA Card is not installed properly or damaged, Beep 11x: Checksum Error, check the Bios Batre, and replace with new.
1x Long Beep: RAM / Memory not installed or Damaged Good, 2x Long 1x Short Beep: Damage to the Graphic Card (VGA), can also check on the installation of slot does not fit (not entered), 1x long 3x short beeps: Keyboard failure or not installed. Beep is not interrupted / continuous sound: RAM or Graphic Card not detected.
CMOS Baterray Damaged / Weak
Symptoms: Appear message CMOS Checksum Vailure / Batrey Low, due to supply tegangna the IC CMOS / BIOS is not normal because Baterray weak, so the BIOS settings back to factory Default-nya/standar, and hardware configuration should be in Reset.
Solution: Replace Soon his Batrey
Symptoms: The CPU is often Hang?
Solution: There are several factors such hanging occurred: There BadSector on the hard drive, There is a virus, I have a problem in hardware such as Memory Dirty / Damaged, Mboard Dirty / Damaged, Fan Cooling fan rotation was already weak, unstable power supply should not be forced ..... to use because it will result in more fatal, please contact: us to be able to resolve the issue
Symptoms: The computer is often what causes the blue screen appeared?
Solution: The message could be caused Blue Screen windows system is broken, Can of Memory, hard drives could of, could of other components, depending on the blue screen message is displayed.
Symptoms: The computer is so much slower than before, though initially not so slow
Solution: The cause of the process is slow your computer there are several factors: Space hard disk is too full, too many programs / software that is consuming disk space and memory, there is a virus, hard drive badsector.

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