Fix It, PC Repair Services from Microsoft

WASHINGTON - Microsoft's latest service called Fix It, aims to correct the problem and the computer automatically adjusted to the individual machines.

Reported by the Telegraph, Microsoft has launched an independent repair service for computers. Service called Fix It is a new product based on Microsoft's online features similar to that of Windows 7, but wider in scope than Windows XP.

Fix It Software will automatically diagnose and fix computer problems that occur commonly. The program will work to regularly check the software problems and compare it to the list of improvements.

If the solutions to problems that occur on a computer available, Fix It will automatically install it. Fix It also detects the new conditions that cause problems on computers.

Although it does not offer any warranty, the presence of these services means that a large number of basic computational problems, both large and small consumers, can be solved without the active role of the user.

Technology companies have long been the goal of developing an automated service for individual computers. It is also a part of their decision to collect large amounts of data about the various problems experienced by computer users.

Steve Buffet
Lecturer in Computer Networking
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